Front School of Aetius - Neoroman Paganism (Mirror Site)


Lesson 1: The Nature of the Gods
Lesson 2: Why do the Gods only speak to some?
Lesson 3 - Finding your Personal God
Lesson 4: The 9 Virtues of Balance
Lesson 5: What is Spirituality?
Lesson 6: Ritual - The Meaning of Time and Space
Lesson 7: Paganism VS Monotheism
Lesson 8: Daimons, Spirits and Miasma
Lesson 9: Duties of the Priest
Lesson 10: The Role of Evil in Paganism
Lesson 11 - On Prophecy and Visions
Lesson 12 Priest and Politics
Lesson 13 - A Roman Exorcism
Lesson 14 - Emancipation against the Platonic "One"
Lesson 15 - Flame and Statue - Why We Pray To Images
Lesson 16 - The Eleven Pathways of Religion
Why Humanity Needs Organized Religion (Lesson 17)

The Total Illumination of the World
First Epistle to the Romans
Unorthodox Spiritual Tips for the Roman Cultor
The School of Aetius - Report of the Year 2018
The Philosophy of Aetius
Marriage in the Religio Romana
Schola Aetii -School of Priests, Augurs and Orators Opening!
Gods of Madness - The Danger of the Logo-Centric Western Culture
The Five Sacred Flames
Short Guide to become a Roman Cultor
How the Gods Help