What is a Heathen?

1) A Spiritual Heathen tries to take responsibility for their own thinking, their own actions and their own welfare, usually as part of a community with its own cultural tradition. They struggle to develop their strength and abilities and to overcome obstacles.

2) A Religious Heathen engages in practices to try and create a connection between their individual and community self and the reality of existence. There are many communities so many Heathen religions - many aspects of existence so many gods. Unlike some religions there is no authoritarian God coming from outside the world and laying down the law.

3) A Social Heathen is part of circles of people bonded by natural human ties. These may be described as families, hearths (groups that eat together), kindreds, sibbands, clans and tribes. Or else they work to build such circles.

4) An Economic Heathen is part of a natural community able to provide for its own material needs. Or else they support such an outcome by positive discrimination in favour of small and local economic operations.

January 2011 CE