Don't Feed The Giants!

Heathen ethics is about supporting the Spring beings - the wights that are the causes of the springing and sprouting into life of the productive and happy living processes - and hindering (or not supporting) the activities of the Etting beings - the wights which are the causes of the decreasing of the orderly and happy life.

Ettins are the predators of the world. They bite into the good beings, interfering with their flourishing. Expanding ettins eat up all in their path - consuming the resources of the world - getting bigger and bigger. And the bigger they get the more difficult they are to ignore. And the larger the part of the world they have consumed then the smaller the part left for all the other beings to inhabit.

An ettin that expands becomes a Giant - a being really big compared to the human size. A Giant sees the Human as a tiny ant and naturally cares rather little for a being so tiny of which there are so many.

So a Giant tends to trample over the Human ants at will for what is to stop it.

So for the Human it is rather important to pay attention to the Giants.

Now some giants like the Earth Giants are always with us and go blindly about their business. It is best to learn their ways and adapt your ways to theirs.

The Ettin Giants though are only Giant because they have consumed so much. They get big because they eat. And they can only eat when there is food put out for them.

Now if an Ettin is troublesome - and more troublesome the bigger it gets - it is a rather good idea not to feed it.

In fact the world is full of rather troublesome ettin giants that are much too big for the good of the human beings and everybody else. Yet still the human beings carry on feeding the giants without a second thought.

The human beings much surely be mad!

Now for the those who want to know the secret of the tale - the ettin giants we are talking about are the giant human corporations. Huge associations of people arranged in pyramid fashion - each layer of the pyramid doing the bidding of the layer above - and just a handful at the top directing the whole show.

Not always but usually these giant corporations are selfish - their business is to serve the needs of their directors rather than the needs of the whole community about them.

Thus they are truly Etting beings on a world scale - eating away at what is good and decreasing the flourishing of life across the whole planet.

Yet everyday nearly all the human beings of the world put out food for these giants. They put out themselves as productive labour employed by the giant corporation. And they go into the shops of other giants and give to them the tokens of their labour.

The giants feed off all these people so careless about what they are doing and get bigger and bigger and smile to themselves.

July 2011 CE