Twelve Activities of a Heathen Life

Gathering - gathering food, materials people from out there to in here so that we have what we need to produce what we need.

Gardening - cultivating plants that can provide us with food, animals too maybe

Cooking - preparing our food from raw ingredients so that it is good for us to eat

Nursing - attending to those who are small or infirm or in need of help to get what they need from the world so that their life can continue, their health be restored, their growth assisted, their happiness enhanced.

Story-telling - telling each other stories which build our understanding of the world.

Dancing - moving, speaking, singing, acting with a rhythmn that pleases us - especially in co-ordination with others to produce something that is good for body and soul.

Handcraft - creating objects and tools for our use that assist our lives.

Shelter-making - creating places to live in suited to our nature through dual-faced structures - once face outwards to the earth and the elements and one face inwards to us and our living space.

Warfare - action to influence the other people and creatures about us to take account of our needs and give us space to live when they might not otherwise do so. Physically violent action will not usually be the best way for Heathens today.

Herbalism - the use of substances from plants to heal the body and other similar interventions.

Witchcraft - the practice of psychospiritual techniques to impact the mind and restore it to a healthy peace.

Wizardry - the seeking after wisdom and the use of such wisdom to benefit the community and the world.