Mazdaic Mithraism

Mazdaic Mithraism or Euromazdaism is an experimental polytheistic religion springing from the Zoroastrian Mithraism project.

In Mazdaic Mithraism we don't recognise a singular God that explains everything. However we do recognise Mazda or Wisdom as the creative power within the world. Practical worship is based around an 'Olympian' pantheon of seven gods, foremost of which are Mithras and Anhita.

Mazdaic Mithraism aims to be suitable as a pan-European religion, which is in contrast to most other pagan revival movements which are more narrowly ethnic. Religiously it draws principally from Persian Mazdaism (also known as Zoroastrianism) with influence from general European Polytheism.

Mazdaic Mithraism aims to be a popular religion with an emphasis on worship and ritual. Zartochrestianism is a sister religion to Mazdaic Mithraism with more emphasis on intellectual understanding and knowledge. There is not always a sharp divide between the two, so Mazdaic Mithraists may also be interested in aspects of Zartochrestianism.

Updated 18th May 4021 HE

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