Zartochrestianism is a framework for what we hope will become a new religion able to compete with existing world religions such as Christianity. It is based on the teachings of Zoroaster who has already had a huge influence on the development of the wisdom traditions of the world.

Zartochrestianism emphasizes knowledge and right thinking.

Culturally it is Greco-Persian - drawing from the philosophy of both ancient Persia and ancient Greece. Greco-Persian wisdom is the foundation of Western Civilisation and Zartochrestianism provides a gateway for us to renew our contact with our intellectual cultural roots.

God and the demigods

We worship the three aspects of God which we consider to be God Fundamental, God Transcendent and God Immanent. This is God who underlies everything, God who is the Ideal Good and God who is the active being in the world producing the Good Existence.

Zartochrestians recognise the tensions between the different aspects of God. In particular we believe God Fundamental desires the Good - for own own sense of Good and Bad would have no meaning otherwise. However so that we may be free beings, God Fundamental allows evil to happen, and this may not be fair at all for us as individuals, though it is a consequence of our collective actions.

We also worship the demigod (or yazad) Mithras who is the good agent of God in human form. We seek to understand and to become more like Mithras who is the best kind of person, with a good spirit, right understanding and fully adult in his capabilities. We regard Mithras as the potential saviour of the world and its inhabitants, and the current events of the day seem to show that the need for such a saviour is becoming more and more urgent.

We regard Mithras as Chrestus-Aristus - the 'Good and the Best'. He is Chrestus because He is useful to all and Aristus because He is the best and most capable kind of person.

We also worship the demigod Anhita, who is a goddess of life and a female counterpart to Mithras. She is known especially as a nurturer and protector and as a guardian of purity.

Ave Mithra Chreste Ariste!
Ave Anhita Chresta Arista!

Updated 18th May 4021 HE