Holos means the Whole. Chrestian comes from a Greek word (Khrehstos) meaning ‘useful to’. Holochrestianism is about ‘being useful to the whole’ or ‘serving the common good’.

What we believe

Holochrestians believe that there is a psychospiritual aspect to existence and that this is of primary importance. In other words we believe that the feelings, thoughts, emotions, pleasures and pains that are described as the internal life of a person are objectively real and that what is ultimately most important is that people have a good experience of life.

Holochrestians believe that the welfare of all people and other living beings is of importance.

Holochrestians believe that there is a natural law which derives from the innate nature of things. This natural law shapes whether any particular actions will have good and life-enhancing results or not.

Holochrestian Politics

Holochrestian Democracy is the a system in which a large number of being are politically active with the desire and ability to serve the common good. Holochrestian Imperialism is a system in which a small number of people provide benevolent rule to the rest of the population.

February 2013 CE / 4013 HE