Mithras – Intro


Zarathustra was a religious philosopher, who lived maybe 3000 years ago in ancient Iran.

He was born into a pagan society which had become corrupt and was ravaged by self-serving warlords.

He saw a problem in the unthinking superstition of the people which was kept in place by manipulative priests. He devised a new system of thinking based on pure philosophical concepts such as Truth, Righteousness, Wisdom, Good Mind and Good Rule.

He composed a series of songs – the Songs of Zarathustra – which expounded his new system of thought. These songs have been faithfully recited by countless generations and are still known to us today.

Zarathustra promoted ethical behaviour – he wanted us to strive for Good Mind and Benevolent Service to the living soul of the world. He saw that there were both good and bad powers in the world and that we needed to actively choose to support the good powers for the right order of existence to be maintained.

Zarathustra lived in an Iranian land at the centre of the ancient world. When international trade routes developed the flame of the Zoroastrian Enlightenment spread in all directions – into the Middle East, into India and into China – sparking off the period in human history known as the Axial Age – a time of great strides in philosophy and humanitarian religion.

Zarathustra’s influence is great but his message has grown dim with time. There is a great need to revive the purity of his original vision.