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Angoprima means 'the first principles of existence'.


We start with Angus just meaning existence itself.

Angus is above all else for nothing that exists can contain existence, but instead everything else is a part of existence.


Next comes the Zurvanium which is the substrate within which is everything we recognise as existing.

The Zurvanium has three aspects which are Zurvanus, Manangum and Astavatum.
  • Zurvanus is Time

  • Manangum is Mental or Spiritual Matter

  • Astavatum is Physical Matter.

Living beings are composite bodies existing in both the Manangum and Astavatum, whereas inanimate objects are solely bodies in the Astavatum.


The Solarium has three aspects which are Solara, Idealum and Gatum.

  • Solara is the Source or Cosmic Sun. It is the source of all things that stands outside the world itself. The Solara is eternal and unchanging.

  • The Idealum is the realm of ideas and forms.

  • The Gatum is the realm of life - the place where matter and spirit combine and interplay.

Related concepts

Lumen is the Light , Sound or Energy that streams from the Solara into the world.

Gelidum is Cold, Ice or Matter - frozen, dead substance. Gelidum is the material world in the absence of Lumen.

Ataricum is Heat, Fire or Spirit . It is substance come alive with the Lumen of Solara.


Next after the Solarium is the Actium which deals with the motion or activity or happenings of existence.

The Actium consists of Varta, Mata, Drata, Vanta and Stata:
  • Varta are our conscious choices.

  • Mata are our thoughts or thinking.

  • Drata are our actions and effects.

  • Vanta are the winds of change or the currents of influence then tend to knock the Stata out of their predestined pattern into something else. The Vanta don't always bring observable change but can also act to preserve a stable pattern of activity that would otherwise disintegrate.

  • Stata are the persistent activities of the world - the things that tend to continue through time unless something comes to disturb them.