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Asons are beings in a very general sense.

Bions are living beings in the normal sense of the word. Hombions are human beings.

Mentons are beings with mind - i.e. characterised by having goals and seeking to make sense of their environment and producing a plan of action to meet their goals. NB In this context we are not mainly concerned with internal mental life, but define Mentons largely in terms of their external behaviour. Nevertheless non-living 'artificial minds' are not regarded as 'true mentons' as they have no genuine goals of their own.

Vaions are beings that stimulate and produce change.

Mentivaions are beings that affect the mind (e.g. its thinking, spirit or character)

Ratons are beings that guide.

Angelons are messengers or beings which convey information. They are a kind of Mentivaion that stimulate a mind in such a way that it grasps truth about the external world.

Poions are beings which produce (i.e. produce situations, places, activities etc). Poions depend on having exclusive ability to involve mentons, ergons and physical space and resources. (i.e. any particular place will have certain things happening in it, and this depends on excluding other incompatible things from happening in it at the same time).

Arkons are beings which govern. Arkons have power to shape or partially influence poions - the productive beings - to align to the goals of the Arkon. Arkons depend on certain (leading) mentons to produce the goals and plans and then usually generate mentivaions to impact other (subservient) mentons in a way that draws the activities of these other mentons to become useful to the goals of the leading ones. Arkons can either tend to work for the common good or else for a narrower interest.

Ergons are beings which do work - i.e. cause transformation in something where there is resistance to the transformation - so that energy is required to do it.

Amortons are immortal beings - i.e. beings defined by abstract criteria so that they can never be said to entirely die.

Spentons are beings that tend to increase the biothalia or flourishing of life.

Angrons are beings that tend to decrease the biothalia or flourishing of life.

Circons are beings that total surround a person. A person's circon is the rest-of-the-world for that person. Each person has their own circon and their worldly life is entirely determined by their circon and their actions in relation to it.